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ESG Talks | UAE: MENA's Home to Sustainability?

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

Is the UAE home to MENA's sustainability? In terms of innovation, investments and talent, Yes.

The UAE has been a cornerstone to the region's awareness and implementation of green buildings. Dubai and Abu Dhabi in particular, are showing the region the way forward. The Regulatory and Supervisory Bureau in the UAE was established in 2014, and by 2015, nine private companies were already accredited in the program.

So where does the UAE tell us sustainability is going? and who sets the benchmarks? The main focus as of late has been on new developments; integrating government imposed building standards that carry a development's efficiency to a certain benchmark. As for the benchmark, waves of large corporations have taken the lead in steering higher building ratings to set the example. Governments too, have taken lead: One of the latest development's ' DEWAs Solar Innovation Plant- set the stage with achieving USGBC's Platinum Rating; reducing their electricity and water consumption drastically while offsetting the remainder of their energy needs to a solar plant surrounding the development. The consultants on the project were Energy Management Services-Emirates L.L.C who's consultants confirmed that the development also scored the 3rd highest ranking globally.

While the apparent trajectory is positive in new buildings, what about the existing buildings and facilities that have become outdated and are considered an environmental burden? ESCOs such as Taka Solutions are concerned that not enough is being done. At the last EEG meeting, many notes were established by the panel concerning the importance of dealing with what is already on the ground and to ignite awareness to the need of retrofits and building optimization.

On a regional level, many of the geographic leaders have identified their own initiatives with their private sectors showing a strong interest in both the positive environmental impact, and the cost advantage of green building optimization. For new buildings, Qatar and Egypt have taken the lead, while in the case of existing infrastructure, Bahrain has shown a strong willingness to optimize.


TechTalks are published bi-monthly to keep you up to date with MENA Sustainability, Green Buildings and their latest innovations.

Moderated by Energy Consulting Department.

Talk lead by Energy Independence Consultant- Omar K. Bushnaq

Participants: Energy Management Services- EMS Consortium for innovative solutions, EEG Environmental Group, Others.

Department: Smart Property Solutions- Energy Audits, Value Tech & Retrofits

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