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Cooling Plants & Warehouse Retrofits

Cooling Plant Retrofit

Industrial systems optimization to enhance energy efficiency and productivity

Smart Property Solutions

Cooling Plants & Warehouse Retrofits

Cooling Plant Retrofit

Old chillers and AC equipment are inefficient and consume more energy when compared to the latest generation of chillers which is a state of art technology that reduces the energy consumption and operating expenses.

EMS offers the best optimized solution for chiller replacement:

• Considering different alternative types of chillers, several configurations of pumping systems.
• Use of specialized controls packages that can unlock cooling plant equipment efficiency for improved performance.
• Internal AC arrangement as a holistic approach including offering finance schemes.

Cooling Plants & Warehouse Retrofits

Industrial Optimization

All industries face a common challenge to improve productivity while reducing energy consumption. With tougher regulations on emissions, efficiency and increasing costs, industries need to counter the effects of these measures through optimisation.

EMS has a range of solutions that not only enhance energy efficiency, but also enhance productivity. Our industrial solutions result in enhancing productivity and energy savings.

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