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Break the Stigma. Design Green:

Reduce Capex through Sustainability

The enviro-economic solution that holds the tools to unlock all the economic barriers of adopting sustainability in design engineering.

Developers undergo energy value analysis to unlock sustainability from within their current construction budgets.

Energy Value Analysis

EVA is the enviro-economical solution that promotes sustainability through the bottom-line; developed to reduce CAPEX and increase energy efficiency in new developments.

  • Proven record of Material Capital Gain.

  • Creates Future Proof Developments.

  • Enhances Efficiencies in Energy Output.

  • Integrates smart systems.

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EVA and Energy Savings for Capital Generation

EMS-Emirates | The Enviro-economic solution for developers.

In the drive towards NetZero and feasible sustainability. EMS experts developed the EVA Doctrine. EVA integrates sustainable design technologies to Design & Build to:

1. Reduce Capital Budgets (Create a cash Surplus).

2. Reduce Operational Expenses. (Foster long-term ROI).

3. Enhance the facilities operations (Smarter designs).

The doctrine encompasses solutions that:

1. Adheres to International & Local Standards.

2. Have a proven Record.

3. Does not adversely effect the working condition.

4. Adheres to the allocated budget.

EVA Anchor

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