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EMS- Emirates: Award winning consultancy: In Pictures.

EMS-Emirates awarded LEED Proven Provider for continued excellence in green buildings.

President of the USGBC- Peter Templeton

Explore innovation

Energy Independence with EMS

Transforming the way we see sustainability.

new wave of sustainability solutions that create value to both your environment, and your bottom line.

EVA; Enviro-economical sustainability strategies that will shape the future of developments.

Using 100+ years of engineering and consulting experience, EVA was developed as a sustainability initiative that promotes both Capital Gains as well as a more sustainable environment. The solution embodies a win-win strategy by implementing state-of-the art technologies at no added cost to your budget while fostering a Monetary Gain.

LEED Proven Provider: An award that underscored our commitment to Green Building excellence.

In recognition to our holistic approach and excellence in Green Building Certifications (LEED, Estidama, Trakhees, Gsas, etc). EMS is recognized for delivering on qualities of:

1. Expertise & Knowledge.

2. Comprehensive Service

3. Collaborative Approach.

4. Innovation and continuous improvement.

5. Positive Impact and Sustainability Leadership.

LEED Certification Proven Provider

Breakdown of services

ESG LEED Certification, LEED Silver, LEED Gold, LEED Platinum, Trakhees, Estidama, BCA, GreenMark EMS

Green Buildings- Accredit my development with a green building certification: Estidama, GsaS, LEED, BCA, GreenMark, etc.

ESG Energy Audits EMS Energy Audits, Retrofits, Energy Savings and Energy Management

Energy Savings- Reduce my annual electricity, water and fuel bills in my existing development using Energy Audit, Retrofits, and Capital Lease.

ESG Energy Solutions, Energy Value Analysis, Capital Savings, Value Engineering through sustainability EMS
Sustainable Cities and Net Zero EMS
About us
EMS Energy Management Services. Sustainability and ESG Consultant in UAE

est.1991 As 

The MENA's 1st ESCO and Energy Solutions Provider

With Over Three Decades Of Regional Experience, Energy Management Services – EMS Has Been Empowering Its Clients With Tailor Made Innovative ESG Solutions.

Since established in 1991, as a first energy service provider in the MENA region, EMS has been realizing the need for true and quality guidance in the field.

Discover how we have innovated Sustainability Measures to generate capital, reduce energy consumption and lead ESG and Sustainability in UAE.

Core services:

- ESG Services.

Green Building Certifications: LEED, Estidama, GSAS, BCA, GreenMark, etc.

- Energy Audits.

- Consulting and Implementation in Retrofits & Capital Lease.

- Smart Property Solutions.

- Energy Saving Services.

- Net Zero, Smart Cities & EVA.

- Sustainability Consulting.


Contact Us


+9714 2827 000

Emirates Towers, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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