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Energy Solutions Library

Browse a library of innovative solutions that bring out the economical-environmental benefits of sustainability.

Sustaiability Department

Green Building Department

Plan, Design and Execute for Green Building Accreditations.
Why EMS?

EMS is the only USGBC LEED Proven Provider. The Proven Provider is an on-going measure on performance excellence in achieving LEED Certifications in Green Building Structures.
Smart Property Solutions

Energy Efficiency & Savings

Why EMS?

EMS has conducted over 1,000 Energy Management Projects in the region. As the 1st ESCO, EMS has pioneered many of the strategies you see in developments today.

Energy Audits, Retrofits, Capital Lease & Building/Facility Optimization.

Energy Independence solutions

Energy Independence

Why EMS?

EMS was the 1st ESCO/ Sustainability Firm to establish in the MENA Region with one goal: Energy Independence.

Explore innovative solutions and strategies that achieve results at Zero Cost.

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