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to​ Green Buildings.

Green Indoors

Green Building Certifications

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LEED (BD+C), (O+M), Interiors, GSAS, Mostadam, EDGE, Estidama, etc.



This stage aims to evaluate which Green Building Certification Program best serves the stakeholders strategic interests and whether the building meets the prerequisites and fulfills the initial requirements outlined for the certification



The Recommendations section of a Green Building Certification report outlines a set of tailored recommendations and best practices designed to address areas where the building falls short of meeting the defined standards. These recommendations encompass diverse aspects, such as energy efficiency, water conservation, waste management, indoor air quality, use of sustainable materials, and overall ecological impact.


Gap Assessment

The assessment typically involves a thorough review of various aspects such as energy efficiency, water usage, materials, indoor environmental quality, and sustainability practices. It helps in pinpointing areas where the building's performance falls short of the certification criteria, allowing stakeholders to strategize and implement improvements or adjustments to meet the specified green building standards.


Certification & Re-certification

The Certification and Recertification section of a Green Building Certification process involves the formal assessment, verification, and the granting of the initial certification, as well as subsequent evaluations for maintaining or renewing the certification over time.

EMS-Emirates | LEED Proven Provider 2023

Our green department has conducted over 1,000 Green Building Certifications and holds record breaking scores with LEED, and other certification bodies. It is listed as a USGBC LEED Proven Provider underscoring it's continued excellence and commitment to green building design and operations.

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