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CEO Khaled A. Bushnaq sits on panel at EEG - Retrofits and energy efficiency in existing structures.

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

After COP27 and ahead of the UAE hosting COP28, EEG brought together the leaders of the sustainability community. Attendees and panel speakers shared the floor to discuss the future of sustainability, it's impact and most importantly it's regulation. So what's to be expected ahead of COP28?

Our CEO, Khaled Bushnaq, the founder of EMS-Emirates, the 1st stand alone ESCO in the MENA took the stage for opening remarks to talk about how far this industry has come, but how far it still must go. "Yesterday, we were speaking a foreign language when engaging in topics of sustainability, but today, we are in a more critical state; needing to evolve with the changing stakeholder needs, and expanding our ability to innovate to make sustainability a healthier, and more widely supported industry on a regional level".

Many of those who attended were guests of COP27 and had their fair share of positive feedback, speaking of the newly trending problem: Carbon Emissions. *[With this in mind, and on a side note: New effective technologies have emerged that have been pitched to EMS-Emirates that can collect Carbon Emissions for re-use and is in testing for some of the most popular industry settings. Stay tuned with TechTalks to learn more of these technologies.]

Retrofits was the main talking point at the Industry Get-together. Some of the Panel Speakers spoke of the importance of focussing on the existing structures that are here to stay; the need to make them more efficient and upgrade their traditional, consuming mechanics to more energy efficient ones. 'New structures are built with newer technologies and therefore are easier to make energy friendly. The older structures however, are here to stay, and they are pushing our baselines higher. We need to keep this in mind when thinking sustainability strategy on a national/regional level.'.


Energy Management Services-Emirates L.L.C was the 1st stand alone ESCO in the MENA region with a vision for Energy Independence. With TechTalks, we strive to keep the sustainability conversation going, keeping you up to date with the latest talks, technologies and solutions.


Participants: Khaled A. Bushnaq, CEO & Founder. Emirates Environmental Group EEG, Taka Solutions.

Article written by - Omar K. Bushnaq

Department: Energy Consulting Governance.

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