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Industry talks: ESG with EMS; A look at COP27.

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

*Industry talks with EMS'rs- Swapnil Jain on COP27

Direction of sustainability and green building solutions with respect to COP27

The world is facing an urgent crisis in form of climate change which demands all world leaders to unite and come up with immediate solutions. The threats include rising greenhouse gases, rising sea levels, temperature rise and depleting natural resources. All of which has the potential to negatively impact the people and planet. The 27th Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change is being held in Egypt and sustainable solution frameworks for building and construction sector is being discussed as it has a massive carbon footprint around the globe. Two solutions identified to this regard are Low Carbon buildings and green buildings. The idea is to holistically incorporate sustainability at every stage of the building life, right from design, construction to operation. Green building solutions not only reduce energy consumption in the buildings, but also targets reduction in water consumption, waste reduction and management and assessment through life-cycle analysis of building materials. Comfort of occupants in buildings is also of a pressing concern which is addressed by green building solutions and rating systems. Most building stakeholders such as government agencies, owners, designers and users are now aware of the advantages that come with high performance buildings and actively working towards creating such spaces. LEED, BREAAM, Green Star, SAGRS, IGBC and ESTIDAMA are some of these rating systems and all work towards this common goal of building sustainability. With COP27 reigniting the promises to combat climate change issues, building sustainability will also gain more traction. Green buildings should therefore be seen as a prerequisite and not optional.

Moderated by Energy Independence Consultant- Omar K. Bushnaq

Talk lead by Junior Sustainability Consultant- Swapnil Jain

Department: Sustainability Solutions- LEED, Greenmark, BCA and Green Accreditations

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