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Dubai-founded EMS holds discussion on how ESG consulting will look in the future.

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

The coming years will mark the highest inheritance of wealth in the history of man-kind.

Generally speaking, consultants in every domain will line up to sell their advice to the newly cash-rich millennials on how best to deploy their funds; what ventures to invest in, the need for a green strategy, etc. But for those who have been tracking the rate at which artificial intelligence is advancing, can see indicators that rule out consulting in it's traditional form.

Artificial Intelligence is on the rise. ChatGPT created a shockwave when it released it's enhanced machine learning skills. However, does this threaten consultants? Especially those in the fields of Design, Structure, Medicine and our own, Sustainability? The question is not if ChatGPT is the ultimate disrupter, it is rather what ChatGPT is signaling. Acting as the front runner, it's software has shown that students no longer need to study, plan or execute their term papers, while software engineers no longer need to code their own applications or at least do any of the grunt work.

EMS has been at the forefront of Sustainability for a long time, and in the start of 2022, its founder and CEO, Khaled Bushnaq was accredited as a 'meta-verse expert'. Today, Khaled's outlook views Artificial Intelligence as the main disrupter to come; inducing his team's will to search, study and meet people at the frontlines of AI. Our findings were beyond belief; showing signs of an 'almost entire' wipe-out of consulting services across tens of industries and a reduction in the need of human talent in others. So, without human resources, how would firms achieve goals in strategy, engineering, etc? Easily put, picture this:

1. Plug details into the specialized AI.

2. Click Generate Result.

Unhappy with the result?

3. Click Re-generate.

Still Unhappy?

4. Click Re-generate.

As simple as that, you now have a variety of options to choose from, each with the capacity to build out timelines, schedules, BOQs, Procurement Lists, Dietary Suggestions, Available Medicines and regimines, etc etc.

Therefore, we ask: What will consulting look like in 2030? Is it progress or transformation? Will it exist?

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Moderated by Energy Independence Consultant- Omar K. Bushnaq

Participants: Energy Management Services- EMS Consortium for innovative solutions.

Department: Smart Property Solutions- Energy Audit and Value Tech

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