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Decarbonize and save energy without retrofits and capital.

Beyond Retrofits:
Autonomous Ai Solves the Energy Efficiency Challenge.

Subscribe & Install Ai.

Install the Ai software into the building management system.

Machine Learning

The software learns your system over 3 months and adopts predictive measures


Save up to 25% on your monthly energy bills and decarbonize your facilities

Pay as you go.

Opt in and out on-demand and pay as you save.

How does it work?

1. Measure: Benchmark, and report your scope 1,2.

Automated data collection calculates your emissions based on the GHG protocols. The data is benchmarked vs your industry peers and formatted into a Scope 1,2 audit grade report.

2. Save: We focus on the beast on the roof.

With a focus on HVAC, using your benchmark, reports and data collected, the Ai uses predictive measures and proven energy efficiency utilizations to optimize your energy use and reduce your energy bills.

The model is founded on 4 principles:

1. Does not effect the working environment.

2. Has a local and international proven record.

3. Complies with local and international standards.

4. Economically feasible.

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