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TeckTalk 1.2- ESG and Cooling Technologies.

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

With innovative founders drawing up prototypes that cool water to 25degrees using nothing but a fraction of the power used by current models, the question remains; can this technology be adapted to cooling air?

Our latest TechTalk invited a startup who are working to do just that. Their theory is a feasible one that would ultimately clean up the rooftops and power the building with cool air while consuming a fraction of the energy used in today's systems. But can it be adapted in a real-life situation? That remains to be seen-

Following the talk, our moderator, Harris Sanoo, noted that this is an incredibly complicated space with real-time simulations required to develop credible case-studies. Our technologies have not yet been able to considerably offload our traditional chillers. But they might, sooner than later.

We invite discussions about this: Can the overly consuming chiller be offloaded by more effective technologies and reduce the hard load they carry on our overall required power supply?

Moderated by Senior Consultant- Harris Sanoo

Talk lead by Energy Independence Consultant- Omar K. Bushnaq

Participants: Energy Management Services- EMS Consortium for innovative solutions.

Department: Smart Property Solutions- Energy Audit and Value Tech

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